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Este blog é destinado a divulgação das atividades das YL do Brasil e do diploma BRYLA. Também criamos uma grupo de noticias sobre as YL do Brasil. Para participar, enviar e receber notícias sobre YL do Brasil no seu e-mail, fale conosco, dizendo que deseja cadastra-se na lista BRYLA do yahoo.

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Olá radioamadora, sua ajuda, divulgando onde custuma operar, facilitaria muito para aqueles que precisam do seu QSL para conquistar o diploma BRYLA... então? vamos ajudar? diga onde podemos encontra-la. o BRYLA agradece. Voce pode encontrar YL aquí

Olá, seja bem vind(o)a, ao Blog das YL brasileiras

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2015


From: F4DHQ - Sophie
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 5:05 AM
Hi all,

After a lot of kind contacts since the French HamExpo 2014, in Tours, and especially with the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society and YLs,  let me introduce with a great pleasure the :

LX9YL project

The idea was first to gather some YL, to be active under this special callsign LX9 YL,  spending enjoyable time,  touring, meeting our guests and visitors,  in total friendship.

From August 7th to 10th 2015, in Eisenborn, in the Luxembourg city neighborhood, will be active an International YL team.

The team will consist of : Dora HB9EPE, Johanna DJ5YL, Mado F1EOY, Christine F4GDI, Claudine F5JER, Tina DL5YL, Evelyne F5RPB, and Sophie F4DHQ.

Three stations will be settled and will cover the 160 to 6m band range in CW, SSB and Digital (PSK31, 63, 125 and RTTY).

The logs will be uploaded on Clublog as frequently as possible.

QSL via the Luxemburger bureau to RL and managed by Philippe/LX2A.


More information on the activity website at:

Activity coordination :

  • For the YL: Sophie F4DHQ (coordination) Email : f4dhq@orange.fr
  • For the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society (RL): Michel LX1KQ (President) Email : lx1kq@rlx.lu

Any kind of help is welcome, contact Christine, F4GDI at : f4gdi@orange.fr 

73 88
Sophie - F4DHQ

quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015


To " YL's " !
 Less than 8 days to the start of the CQMM DX CONTEST.
Your participation is very important for all of us.
Hope to meet you in the bands on 18 and 19 April.
Your valuable presence will give more brightness in our contest.
We are the biggest CW group in Brazil
Rules and results, please visit our website at: 

73's Ed - PY4WAS
CWJF , President


Enviado por: ps7dx <ps7dx@yahoo.com.br>
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quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015


To All   
  Radioamateurs - YL's !

Missing 30 days to start the CQMM DX CONTEST / 2015.

Include in your contests calendar, our CQMM DX CONTEST / 2015.

Your participation is very important !
Visit the site of the biggest Group of Radioamateurs of CW in Brazil !
Our page has been visited by more than 1,5 million hams in six continents
we were visited by 191 different countries ), in 12 years.

See more details on our website on the link below :

73's , Ed - PY4WAS
CWJF Group , President

segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014


73  Ed-PS7DX & Monica-PS7YL  ps7dx@globo.com  www.ps7dx.qsl.br

The original holder of this call sign was Sheikh Ahmad Zaidan; my late father. I am not here to take over his place in the HAM radio world or to replace him in any way because he is irreplaceable. I am here to keep this precious call sign warm and going on from one generation to another.

HZ1HZ was issued in 1949 to Ahmad Zaidan who was the first Saudi to obtain an amateur radio license. This year I am honored to retain this call sign and became the first Saudi woman to obtain a HAM radio license in the western province of Saudi Arabia and the second YL in the whole country. It was not an easy task to reach this achievement. I had to go through the Saudi Ham Radio exam on the 31 of December 2013 with 20 others, I am proud to be the only YL and the only person to pass it.

My first call sign was OE1LZA which I obtained from Vienna, Austria. Later, I added OE3LZA for my second location.

Dear YLs and OMs, I proudly  announce the completion of my shack in HZ land. 

In April 2014 I was able to operate officially with the call HZ1HZ from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This could not have happened without  the great job of Emir OE1EMS / E77DX and his assistant Ashraf. Both of them worked hard assembling the Stepp IR antenna and mounting it on a 10 m Mast on top of the building. Emir OE1EMS / E77DX was impressive in testing and calibrating the station.

I'm most grateful to my brother Mohamed Zaidan for his full support and for providing the Mast and the manpower needed.

Shortly after that I was honored by the request from the HZ OMs to join them working a special event with the call HZ2014WARD. It was my great pleasure and excitement to work this event. I do appreciate this fast acceptance and trust for a YL newcomer like me.

See you down the log!

Laila A Zaidan

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